Secure Mobile Communications

For the corporate and business users in need of such


Secure Chat Application

SecureCom Media has obtained the global exclusive operating rights to the mobile application – Metalk, developed by Logicquest Technology Limited. The application is made available for downloads on the Apple App Store, Google Play and various other application download platforms, with its servers covering the APAC region.

MeTalk is a unique application which safeguard users’ privacy and protect important correspondence data. End-to-end encryption is provided with all data sent and received by Metalk including text, voice messages and images, encrypted over 1024-bit RSA cryptosystem. Encryption keys are also randomly changed to avoid any possible security breach. The Pattern Lock feature prevents unauthorized access and the application also allows users to manage the list of trusted devices with authentication process in place to protect the account.

Premium Solutions

Embedded within the Metalk application are additional security and privacy solutions for which the company charges users a premium for, based on annual subscription rates.

We firmly believe that the integrity and security of correspondence information is highly important to a person with high social and business status, and that no price is too high in this age when information decides the success and failure of deals and ventures.

Business Functions

The product development plan for Metalk builds around the integration of business functions that enables business owners or any individuals within a corporate to communicate, collaborate and share information securely with one another.

What the business functions strive to achieve is to provide value-added services to users with the focus being on the future rather than events of the past. One can post an event, keep track of attendance, keep chat minutes and communicate work documents simply and securely through Metalk.

SecureChannel Broadcasting

In the information age of today, the confidentiality of information is critical to the competitiveness and perhaps even the very lifeline of a company or organisation.

SecureCom Media has therefore launched SecureChannel, a secure broadcasting solution suitable for anything from a small business to a multinational enterprise, to allow confidential corporate information and market sensitive messages to be exchanged between groups with everyone knowing nothing will ever leak out.

It supports various multimedia types, with security features such as dual-end encryption and auto-destruct. Broadcasting can also be done through dynamic and interactive presentation templates with RSVP tracking for the organising of private events or functions.