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Mobile changes everything including the way we work

Corporate Address

  • SecureCom Media (Thailand) Co., Ltd
    882/3 TC Green Building C, Rimklongsamsen Road, Bangkapi, Huaikhwang, Bangkok 10310

Registered Address

  • SecureCom Media Holdings Limited
    Vistra Corporate Services Centre, Wickhams Cay II, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110


    Correspondence Address


    SecureCom Media Holdings Limited
    Kemp House, 152 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom


SecureCom Media was incorporated in 2014 by a group of media and information communications professionals with extensive experience and background in the field of secure communications and software distribution.

The company began its business operations with initial seed funding from angel investors to develop effective distribution channels for high end communications solutions. These distribution channels included private business networks, exclusive business clubs, covering countries across the APAC Region.

In early 2015, the company entered exploratory discussions with Logicquest Technology, which recently launched Metalk, a radical mobile application providing complete security to correspondence logs and have achieved considerable initial coverage in the APAC region. The discussions ended with both parties entering a global exclusive platform operating agreement, whereby SecureCom Media receives access to Metalk’s technological mainframe and the right to operate a profitable business around the application’s infrastructure, while returning a share of the profits to Logicquest.

SecureCom Media will also propagate the business model of SecureChannel, a broadcasting platform developed based on the core technology of Metalk. It allows corporate entities to communicate business direction and decision, as well as release information to large business groups under a safe and secure information broadcasting system.

Board of Directors

Mr. Desmond Chua

Desmond graduated with a Diploma in Management from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 1990 in Singapore. Following his graduation he pursued a career first in sales and then later in management positions in various real estate agent companies, and built both his wealth and connection through his endeavours in the industry.

In 2004, Desmond and his younger brother Denver entered the business of customization and installation of security devices for corporate offices. Desmond contributed to the business by introducing clients from his property career portfolio, as well as giving the key strategic direction of the business.

By 2008, the Chua brothers moved the business online, harnessing the power of the mature and readily available e-commerce platforms to reach out to more clients. They worked actively with regional companies and also provided customized software solutions, both desktop and web-based, integrating ERPs and CRMs into their value proposition.

In late 2014, Desmond and Denver stumbled upon Metalk, an application that boasted an array of functions to safeguard their privacy in the instant messaging world. They moved on to form SecureCom Media to bring this application into the APAC region. Combining his valuable experience and broad connection in the region, Desmond takes on the position of Chairman and spearheads the project forward with his leadership and keen business insight.

Mr. Denver Chua
Executive Director

Denver graduated in Singapore with a Diploma in Engineering in 1994. Following which he spent the next decade working at management positions for various companies in Singapore, including HSR International Realtors, Malaysia Dairies Industries Pte Ltd and Emperor Resorts International Pte Ltd.

Long term exposure to corporate processes in these traditional industries led him to understand the importance of information security management. In 2004, Denver started a business of security devices customization and installation for offices and industrial setups. Taking advantage of his wide network of business contacts, his business quickly grew to cover regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. The business moved online in 2008 and expanded healthily since.

In late 2014, Denver and his elder brother Desmond stumbled upon the instant messaging application Metalk and they together formed SecureCom Media and secured the license as global operator for Metalk. Tapping on his years of experience with information security management, as well as his wide array of resources in the industry, Denver continues to lead SecureCom as the company’s Executive Director to help propel the business to greater heights.

Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Joe Lam is appointed CEO of SecureCom Media Holdings Limited on 01 November 2015. Born to an average family in Hong Kong, he studied hard in his younger days and moved to England where he obtained his bachelors and subsequently master’s degree in industrial design from the Coventry University of London in 2002.

Being an enthusiast of sorts, Joe’s first few career years were spent in the services line, where his passion for creation and entrepreneurship led up to the opening of several restaurants in the UK region. The restaurants serve creatively crafted fusion dishes, bringing together the best of eastern and western culinary techniques. Years of building the business helped toned his acumen for business sharp sense of customer needs, which later proved to be invaluable.

Joe returned from England in 2009, and having made his first success in the line of food and beverage, decided to take on a new challenge. His passion for industrial design and creativity, particularly for the IT sector, was a dream he craved realization. Seeing the stark growth of the technological infrastructure of Asian countries over the past decade, he decided with almost no second thoughts to take a leap of faith into the Asian IT sector.

Opportunity landed and Joe was recruited into a Chinese company based in Beijing, which was at that time leading the way in the development of integrated computers (the combination of CPU, speakers and monitors into a single entity) in the Chinese market. Joe’s role as the Project Manager was to see to the completion of the development. He was subsequently promoted to Associate Director and continued to assist the CEO in eventually selling the technology to Chinese Tech Giants such as Lenovo and Aigo.

2 years in the hardware business left Joe with a beautiful opener to the Asian Tech Market. But more importantly, it made him realize the days of a hardware dominant market were coming to an end, and the software market, driven by the speedy improvements to smartphones and connectivity, would eventually open a whole new frontier in the region.

Joe decided to apply his project management skills and creativity to the development of software, and founded a software firm with two other friends, developing custom made management systems for hospitals, finance companies, education firms and even online casinos. For the next 3 years as Managing Director, Joe successfully grew the company to a 50-man team with annual turnover of more than 10 million USD.

Bringing with his extensive experience in business, his corporate networks in London and his experience from in the IT industry of Asia, Joe now focuses his efforts on the future strategy and growth of SCM, to place the company amongst the midst of other Asian industry makers.