Thu, Mar 31, 2016

In the past year, the new secure instant messaging application Metalk has been making waves in the Asian markets with its creative and highly secure means of safeguarding a person’s mobile correspondence. In October last year, the operators of the application – SecureCom Media Holdings Limited, launched their second product to target companies with a need for information security, and named it “SecureChannel” (

Since its debut, SecureChannel had seen astronomical growth in its sales revenues, and achieved more than 10 million in its first quarter, gaining the attention of capital markets in US and UK. However, the question remains that despite the ability of the company to woo corporate clients into its base, can the product actually help these companies achieve the ends of internal information security?

SecureChannel works on the basis of giving its users a web-based interface to create various dynamic and highly interactive information posts with feedback functions, then letting users broadcast these messages via Metalk to the end recipient, adding self-destruct timers and anti-printscreen features to safeguard the information sent. In other words, it is like a mass-whisper tool that whispers beautifully edited information.

Corporate executive using SecureChannel to create mobile friendly information feeds

In a recent press interview with the company’s CEO, Mr. Joe Lam, we were presented with information and feedback from the current clientele of SecureChannel, reputable companies in China, with a need for information and IP protection.

Jiayi Education, one of the China’s top 10 education services provider, utilizes SecureChannel to broadcast important educational material to internal employees and teachers, and makes use of the security features to safeguard core intellectual property and educational models. Mitsubishi Elevators uses SecureChannel to transmit technical sheets and proprietary information within its ranks to ensure this information reaches their staff in a timely fashion on everyone’s mobile, but self-destructs over time and does not get duplicated maliciously to external vendors or competitors.

With information seeping into every level of corporate efforts, the ability to safeguard information that awards one the competitive edge in the market may become the key to winning battles in the new internet driven landscape of today. SecureChannel addresses this need by allowing information to be edited nicely, transferred instantaneously and yet retain the security of traditional means of transfer, possibly opening a new paradigm of interest in the industry of information management.