School Fundraising Project (Cambodia)

Lork Public School, located in a remote town 2 kilometers away from the border between Vietnam and Cambodia in Southwest Cambodia, was founded in 1999 and was the first Overseas Chinese School in the country.

The school started off with only 2 classrooms, 2 teachers and 90 students. After a decade of expansion, it offered full-time schooling to over 800 students with 25 teachers.

Excellently located close to the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, it, over the years, became an important logistics hub across the countries and the population of the region had boomed along with the rapid economic development in China. Chinese language became an essential skill, therefore, Lork had enrolled students from different backgrounds, ranging from average Cambodian families to government officials and businessmen and some of them had to commute all the way from Vietnam everyday!

The school is ever-growing and the existing facilities can no longer meet the demand. Since 2013, 3 buildings were built to provide better hardware and education for Cambodian children. However, this is still insufficient for the increasing number of children hoping to enroll.

SecureCom Media believes that every child deserves the right to learn, and every family deserves the right to see their child achieve their fullest potential, therefore we are committed to assist in further funding to build another school compound to meet the demand for a better learning environment.

Target: USD 150,000